Gijs van Tuyl

Expert 2001


born 1941 in Gameren, The Netherlands
1992 – present Director Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg
1988 Coordinator, International Committee on Exhibition Exchange, ICOM Congress
1987 Vistiting Lecturer, Centre for Art Management, Utrecht
1978-1991 Permanent Commissioner for the Netherlands, Venice Biennale, Sao Paulo Biennale
1985 – 1992 Director of Exhibitions, Netherlands Office for Fine Art, The Hague Approximately 40 exhibitions annually in Western and Eastern Europe, America and Japan.
1977-1984 Council member, International Conference of Art Exhibition Directors (IKT)
1977-1988 Editor of the magazine Dutch Art & Architecture Today
1977-1980 Art critic of the weekly newspaper Vrij Nederland
1976-1985 Director of Office for Fine Arts Abroad, Amsterdam
1972-1974 Member of International Commission for Biennale des Jeunes Artistes, Paris
1969-1976 Curator of painting and sculpture, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Exhibitions: Max Ernst, Dennis Oppenheim, Hamish Fulton, Jean Tinguely, Robert Filliou, etc.
1965-1969 Student of Art History under Professor H.L.C. Jaffé, University of Amsterdam
1963-1965 Teacher at high school (Lyceum), Bussum
1959-1963 Student of Dutch language and literature, University of Amsterdam
1955-1959 High school (H.B.S.-b), Zaltbommel
1941 Gijsbert Antonie van Tuyl born in Gameren, The Netherlands, 7th February

Secretary of the International Exhibition Forum (FIT) of the major Netherlands Museums
Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art

Council member of the Conseil International des Musées d’Art Moderne (CIMAM)

Articles and essays in a variety of catalogues and periodicals