Aleksandr Borovski

Expert 2003

Dr. Borovsky is an art critic, consultant, lecturer and columnist Head of the Contemporary Art Department, State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg.

1952  born in Leningrad
1975   graduated from the Repin Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture Faculty of Art History and Theory, Leningrad
1979-1989   Lecturer in the history of artistic advertising and the Russian poster Mukhina Academy of Applied Art, Leningrad
from 1985   Chief Curator of the Contemporary Art and Criticism Department State Russian Museum
from 1989   Head of the Contemporary Art Department, State Russian Museum the first museum institution in Russia set up especially for contemporary art projects, also responsible for acquiring works representing the latest trends in art.


1992   Visiting Fellow, University of Southern California 1995   Arts Administration, New York


1970-80s: Russian graphics Books, catalogs and articles about important figures in Russian-Soviet graphics: Yevgeni Lanceray, 1975, Bronislav Malakhovsky, 1978, Boris Vlasov, 1982, Valentin Kurdov, 1986, Nikita Charuschin, 1987, Yevgenija Magaril, 1986, Vladimir Tambi, 1989

Graphic design Doctoral thesis at Moscow State University: The 100th Anniversary of the Russian Theatrical Poster, initially given as lectures as part of the course on the history and theory of industrial graphics at the Mukhina Art Academy of Applied Art, Leningrad

1990s: Contemporary Western and Russian art, photography and video, the history of the totalitarian art


Curates nearly all the important programs at the State Russian Museum presenting contemporary art, including the The Ludwig Museum at the Russian Museum project – an exhibition of the Ludwig gift – and a series of exhibitions of contemporary Western and Russian art, contextualizing the contemporary art process.

The main exhibitions in which he has participated as curator and author of texts and installation ideas in recent years are: Joseph Beuys; Rupprecht Geiger; Igor Zakharov-Ross; German Neo-Expressionism; paper architecture; Ha Shult actions – Marble Time and War and Peace; The Alternative Museum; American Video Art; the Baar-Gera Collection; Rainer Fetting; Gottfried Helnwein; George Pusenkoff; Pat York; Brian Eno; Forbidden Art; Grisha Bruskin; Silja Rantanen; Lena Liv; Xenia Hausner; Jörg Immendorf; Robert Hausser; Harlami Oroschakoff; and the series Experimental Exhibitions of the Contemporary Art Department.


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Code-name ’Pixel=
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forthcoming The Silhouettes of Contemporary Artists
selected essays
St. Petersburg, Ed. Ivan Limbach(Russian)