Pilvi Takala

Ars Fennica candidate 2013

Analysing the community mind

Pilvi Takala’s videos and performances comment on various communal and social realities. To acquire material for her works she has been able to infiltrate a working community for a set period, after which she behaved unconventionally and then collected people’s reactions. The communities that she studies can be small ones, or they can be multi-national institutions, such as the European Parliament. Whatever the case, Takala studies the surrounding realities and ponders their various rules and customs. Thus, in her works our lifeworld becomes a test unit or a hermeneutic circle, which time and time again challenges us with its scope for interpretation. The relativity of things and the simultaneous existence of different viewpoints accurately reflect the change that has occurred in the world of our experience, making it ever more complex and fragmented. Pilvi Takala represents the investigative artist, for whom the whole human lifeworld is a hard-to-apprehend topic of continual, questioning curiosity. How is it possible to use the means of art to investigate, say, getting rich, pigeon keeping as a hobby, the genesis and spread of rumours, or the “logic” of bureaucracy? In Takala’s case artistic research is an omni-curious observation of the world carried out using a variety of techniques and strategies.

Juha-Heikki Tihinen, PhD