Laura Könönen

Ars Fennica candidate 2015

Laura Könönen is a conceptually oriented sculptor. She creates the shapes of everyday elements by carving them in stone. Her works are extremely understated, and frequently enter into a dialogue with architectural reality. Their minimalistic precision, on the one hand, and their frequently fragmented forms, on the other, refer to the central paradox of being. With her laconic mode of expression she pushes the limits of the conventions of this traditional material as a symbol of permanence and as an interpreter of sublime themes. Instead, Könönen finds her meanings in everyday life, with a sublimity deriving from the careful handling of the material. Sometimes, the works refer to something that has already happened; their serene, polished appearance can conceal hints at dramatic turns. At the same time, they also contain a temporal dimension. In the interior of a phone box something remains unfinished, leaving the stone-carved receiver dangling in the air. A disc carved out of stone revolving endlessly on an old vinyl record player, and the stone’s own sound seeping out of it, give concrete form to the continual struggle between humankind and nature.

Leena Kuumola

Born 1980
Lives and works in Helsinki


MFA degree at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
Pekka Halosen akatemia
Alfa-Art Ars School

Upcoming exhibitions

Solo exhibition at Hyvinkää Art Museum

Solo exhibitions

Morning After, Galleria Sculptor, Helsinki
Event Horizon, Galleria Forum Box, Helsinki
Summer is Gone, Bar 9, Helsinki
All for Nothing, Galleria FAFA , Helsinki

Selected group exhibitions

One, Two-Twelve Visual Artists at Art Center Antares, Kouvola
Salvelan kesä V, Galleria ORTON, Helsinki
Vilkettä ja tajunnanvirtaa – from the VILKE-collection, Kerava Art Museum Sinkka
Efekti, Art Center Purnu, Orivesi
Kesto at Showroom Musterzimmer, Berlin
Fuck Picasso – Eevil Stöön muotokuvanäyttely, Helsinki
Uusi veistos, Lahti Art Museum
There’s an Error in the World, together with Erika Erre, Art Container, Tallinn
Mänttä Art Festival
Wäinö! – Sculpture exhibition, Galleria Maaret Finnberg, Turku
Degree Show of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Helsinki
Hard Rocks, 20th Anniversary Exhibition of Art Stonework Association, South Harbour and Culture Centre STOA, Helsinki


Lars Swanljung Collection, Kuntsi Museum of Modern Art, Vaasa
Collection of Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation
VILKE- Collection of Finnish Electronic Art


Association of Art Stonework
Association of Finnish Sculptors