Branislava Andjelkovic

Ars Fennica expert 2011

The 2011 Ars Fennica prize winner will be chosen by the Serbian museum director Branislava Andjelkovic. She is also an art historian, curator and writer. Andjelkovic’s main interests are feminist visual theories, contemporary art, cultural policy, museums policy, strategies of display, art and ideology in totalitarian systems, and modernist art in the Yugoslavian region.

Since 2001, Andjelkovic has been Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade. Her tenure began with substantial rebuilding and extension of the museum.

Andjelkovic has been curator and commissioner for several international exhibitions. In 2002, she was commissioner of the Yugoslavian section at the Bienal de São Paulo, Brazil, and, in 2003, curator and commissioner of the Yugoslavian pavilion at the Venice Biennale, Italy.

Andjelkovic is a prolific writer about art, whose articles have been published, not only in Serbia, but also in Greece, Germany, Sweden, Austria, the UK and elsewhere. Her essays and criticism have been published in exhibition catalogues and in newspapers and magazines, and she has appeared on numerous television and radio programmes.

Branislava Andjelkovic will visit Finland 4-7.4 to meet the candidates for Ars Fennica 2011 in their studios.

Branislava Andjelkovic (Belgrade, 1966) is an art historian, curator and writer, and since 2001 has held the position of Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

2001- Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade;
1998- Lecturer in Women’s Studies, University of Belgrade;
1999-2001 Director of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Head of the Department for Exhibitions and Cultural Exchange;
1999-2003 Lecturer and a founding member of the Board of the School for History and Theory of Images, Belgrade;
1994-1998 Assistant Director and Program Co-ordinator at the Soros Centre for Contemporary Art, Belgrade;
1998-1999 Visual Arts Editor, New Moment magazine, Belgrade;
1989-1991 Radio Presenter and Editor, Radio B92, Belgrade;

1992-1993 University of Southampton, UK.
1987-1991 Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.

2009 The 50th October Salon, Belgrade (Art Director)
2005 “On Normality. Art in Serbia 1989-2001”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (Co-Curator)
2003 Pavilion “Yugoslavia”, 50th Venice Biennale (Commissioner and Co-Curator);
2002 “Yugoslav Artistic Space, 1900-1991”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (Co-curator);
Participation by Yugoslavia in the 25th Bienal de São Paulo (Commissioner);
“The Art of the Balkan Countries”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonica (Selector);
2001 “Konverzacija” (The Short Notice Show), Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (Co-curator);
Project for the revitalization of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade (Project leader);
2000 “Cultural Policy and Cultural Production in Serbia”, conference, Sava Centre, Belgrade (Chief Co-ordinator and Keynote Speaker);
1999 “Balkan Art Generator”, Cultural Centre De Zeyp, Brussels (Curator);
1997 “Murder1” (CCAB 2nd Annual Show), CZKD, Belgrade (Co-Curator);
“Map Room”, Michaelis Art Gallery, Cape Town (Co-curator);
“Belgrade Experience”, Freedom Forum European Centre, London (Curator);
1995 “Map Room”, DOB Gallery, Belgrade (Co-Curator);
1993- Curated numerous group and solo shows by visual artists

2002 Introduction to Feminist Visual Theories, CCAb, Belgrade (Editor);
“History of Art and Feminist Visual theories”, Ibid.;
“Perspectives of Serbian Art at the Turn of the Century”, The Art of the Balkan Countries, Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessalonica;
2001 “Konverzacija”, Konverzacija, exhibition catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade;
2000 “Mord, oder Glückliche Menschen – Kunst, Repräsentation, Politik und Vergessenheit im Serbien der neunziger Jahre”, in Tom Holert (ed.), IMAGINEERING – Visuelle Kultur und Politik der Sichtbarkeit, Oktagon Verlag, Köln, 2000.
1999 “Body, Ideology, Masculinity, And Some Blind Spots Of Post-Communism”, After the wall, exhibition catalogue, Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1999;
“Traps Of Identification: Three Videos By Milica Tomic”, Milica Tomic (catalogue), Galerie in Taxispalais, Innsbruck, 1999;
“Virgin Mary as a Machine”, in Dejan Sretenovic (ed.), New Readings of the Icon, Geopoetike, Beograd 1999;
1998 “The Testament of Katarina Ivanovic”, in I. Subotic (ed.), Umetnost na kraju veka, Klio, Beograd, 1998;
1997 “Murder or Happy People”, in This is a very heavy play… (Centre for Contemporary Art, 2nd Annual Exhibition, catalogue), Beograd 1997/8;
“The Culture of Cynicism”, Siksi, 3, autumn 1997, Stockholm-Helsinki, pp. 6-7.
1996 “Pretty Village, Pretty Flame” in B. Dimitrijevic (ed.), Pop Vision, Aurora, Vršac;
1995 Map Room, pref. cat., Dom omladine, Beograd, 1995
1993 Representations of the Body and Sexuality in the Painting of the Third Reich, M.A. Dissertation, University of Southampton
1988- Published essays and reviews in exhibition catalogues, newspapers and magazines, including: Moment, Vidici, Vreme, The Guardian, Women’s Art Journal, New Moment. Interviewed in Vreme, Danas, Blic, NIN, Pobjeda, Politika, Die Zeit, Frankfurter Rundschau, Die Welt, etc, as well on numerous TV and radio stations.

Founding Board member of the Centre for Contemporary Art, Belgrade;
Member of AICA (International Association of Art Critic);
Member of CIMAM (International Association of Museums of Modern Art);
Board member of the Commission for Culture, Belgrade City Assembly;
Board member of the Association of Museums of Serbia;
Founding member of the Association of Swiss-Serbian Friendship “Dr. Archibald Reiss”

Feminist visual theories, Contemporary Visual Art, Cultural Policy, Museums Policy, Strategies of Display, Art and Ideology in Totalitarian Systems, Modernist Art in Yugoslavia.

2002 “Dr. Lazar Trifunovic” Award for Art Writing