Anssi Kasitonni

Ars Fennica 2011

Anssi Kasitonni makes his sculptures and animation films the hardest way. Combining art and humour in a way that makes the viewer want to return to the work is a trick that few have mastered. He is one of those few.

”I don’t do computers,” Kasitonni says. His boyish, endlessly inventive works are handicraft products realized using the resources and materials that are to hand.

Kasitonni comes from a generation that, already in its childhood, imbibed popular culture in all its forms. “It is short step from tuning a moped to making a sculpture.”

Timo Valjakka

Born 1978 in Vilppula
Lives and works in Sahalahti

1999-03 Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of fine Arts
1998-99 Lahti Polytechnic, Institute of Design

2009 “A Sculpture and a Film”, Kluuvi Gallery, Helsinki
2008 “Kasitonni´s Christmas”, Gallery Alkovi, Helsinki
2008 “Flying Chickenrooster”, Gallery Carree, Kuopio
2008 Av-arkki: classic of the month, Forum Box, Helsinki
2008 “Greetings from K.i.t.t.ilä”, Gallery Titanik, Turku
2006 “Captain Of The Harts”, Gallery Myymälä2, Helsinki
2006 “K.I.T.T.´s night out”, Gallery Huoltamo, Tampere
2005 “Takit or Liivit”, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki
2001 “ArtRobot 8000”, Gallery Fast Art, Turku
2000 “The Very Best ff My Onion Paintings”, Aula Gallery, Lahti

2013 Willa MAC, Tampere
2011 Galleria Sculptor, Helsinki

“Revenge”, Tallinn Art Hall
XVI Mänttä Art Festival
Kasitonni, Leinonen & Tukiainen, TR1 Kunsthalle, Tampere
“It´s a Set-Up”, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki
“ArtParis+Guests”, Grand Palais, Paris

“Tracking traces”, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki
“Urban story”, Kalhama & Piippo Contemporary, Helsinki
“Irrfahrt”, Felleshus, Berlin
“Stray Trek”, Rauma Art Museum

Helsinki Biennale, Designmuseum
Honkahovi, Mänttä
“Finnish Breakfast”, Larm Galleri, Copenhagen
“Behind the Moustache”, Cable Factory, Helsinki
“Festart08”, TR1 Kunsthalle, Tampere

“Kettupäivät” Finnish Shortfilm and Documentary Film Festival, Andorra, Helsinki
“The Sculpture Speaks”, Tallinn Art Hall
Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany
“Kuvia ja Kuplia”, comics exhibition, Lahti Art Museum

Tampere Short Film Festival
“ShiftScale”, Estonian Art Museum KUMU, Tallinn

“Natura death – Natural death”, Gallery Rajatila, Tampere
“The Wild Men in The Looking Glass”, Art 2012, Los Angeles, USA
“The Golden Diamond 2”, Kerava Art Museum
“Suspend Disbelief”, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin
Turku Biennale, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova
“End of Skateboarding”, Myymälä2 Gallery, Helsinki
“Silmänkääntäjät”, Rauma Art Museum

“Gemine Muse”, Museo Storico Navale, Venice, Italy
Gallery 21, Malmö, Sweden
“The Iron Diamond”, Myymälä2 Gallery, Helsinki
Tampere Short Film Festival
“Blind Sight”, Contemporary Art Centre, Dundee, Scotland &Gallery Titanik, Turku Finland
“View2004”, Movie theatre Andorra, Helsinki
“I Feel”, Rauma Art Museum
“Measure of Man”, Helsinki Art Museum Tennis Palace, Helsinki
“The Golden Diamond”, South Carelia Art Museum, Lappeenranta

Mänttä Art Festival
Graduation exhibition, Lahti
“The Art Of Analyste”, Sanomatalo, Helsinki
“Pixelache”, Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki
“Hämärä in the night”, with Tommi Pylkkö Kluuvin galleria, Helsinki
Young Artists 2003, Kunsthalle Helsinki

2001 Young Artists’ exhibition, Kunsthalle Helsinki

2000 “The Art Of Analyste”, Cable Factory, Helsinki

2011 “Dialogues” – X Biennial of Contemporary Art, Manege, St Petersburg, Russia
2012 Rantakasarmi, Suomenlinna, Helsinki

2010 Honorary Mention, Videomedeja, Novi Sad, Serbia
2010 Honorary Mention, Kettupäivät
2010 Cultural Act of the Year, Pirkanmaa Arts Council
2009 Helsinki Saskia -association, scholarship
2008 Grand Prix, short film competition, Split Film Festival
2005 Kangasala region stipend
2005Raimo Utriainen -foundation scholarship
2003Public’s Favourite at Mänttä Art Festival
2003 Wäinö Aaltonen -foundation’s scholarship

Arts Council of Finland
Helsinki Art Museum
Museum of Contemporary Art, Kiasma
Maaseudun Tulevaisuus -newspaper
Pro Artibus -foundation’
Analyste Co.

2005 “Rock music” sculpture, Pirkkala Elementary School
2004 “The New Adventures” -sculpture, Trade school of Vallila, Helsinki


Masa, 2009, 10:45, super-8mm
The Investigators, 2007, 12:14, super-8mm
The Gliders, 2005, 15:00, super-8mm
The Knockers, 2003, 13:30, super-8mm
Crayfish-sea Of Love, 2001, 5:26, super-8mm

2005 Anssi 8000: “Sahalahti shakedown” -EP Musapojat records
2006 Anssi 8000: “Kyklops” -MAXI EP Musapojat records
2006 Anssi 8000: “Svesse” -MAXI EP Squashimodo records
2007 Anssi 8000: “Kyklops vs. Svesse” -album Bone Voyage
2008 Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo: “Feel like surfing” -12″EP Bone Voyage
2008 Anssi 8000 & Maria Stereo: “Duel” -album Bone Voyage

Association of Finnish Sculptors , aspiring member
MUU ry

Finnish Academy Of Fine Arts, 2009, 2010
Tampere Polytechnic, Department of Fine Arts 2005, 2006, 2007
Animation courses for children, Pori, Rauma and Lappeenranta Art Schools


Branislava Andjelkovic’s statement

Anssi Kasitonni is an artist whose work makes allowances for free thinking, lots of differences and misunderstandings, and provides space for distractions. It speaks of conflicts without anger and threats, it laughs at tradition with kindness and some music. His creations are immediately open for a viewer and he does not shy of the personal enjoyment that the very process of producing creates for an artist.

Living in seclusion, on a farm some 200 kilometers from Helsinki, he uses few old, cold and drafty barns as his studios, or rather unique sets for his films. (e.g. The Investigators, 2007.) Life size cardboard American Plymouth sits in a barn next to a vintage tractor that he uses for maintaining the gravel road that connects his home to the side road. Next barn is set for a life size skate slade over which a disco ball shines, shooting flashy beams onto some kind of a Damien-Hirst-like bigger-than-life shiny cardboard skull sitting on a pedestal. One can actually see how his films are created and one can envisage a band rehearsal and take a glimpse into creative processes of composing music and trying out verses and choruses.

Every little thing that comprises his films is made there, on the farm, and is staged and shot with a little help from his friends and Maria. I saw a tree from which freaky squirrel with makeshift furry wings is trying to learn how to fly. And falling and hurting in each futile attempt to turn itself into a flying squirrel as this is a family tradition. His father’s expectations are simple: learn how to fake flying and, super important, how to be spotted. Such a performance should save their tree-house from bulldozers. But fathers and sons seldom share the same dream. Our hero wants to rehearse with his band, wants to skate and make art. (The Gliders, 2003)

There is an unsuspecting honesty in Anssi’ dedication and joyfulness about his work. As if he is thinking about happiness and unlikely ways to approach it – but aware of accidents just waiting to happen. And maybe most importantly, there is always love, not sentimental and worn-out but real and living, that he makes urgent and actual in its fragility and charm.

Branislava Andjelkovi