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Tal R was born in Israel in 1967, but now lives and works in Copenhagen, where he graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2000. Tal R works with painting and installations. When asked about his art, he talks about his friends, his music and his childhood. His environment, everyday life and personal experiences are both the source and content of his art. He sometimes hangs his neo-expressionist paintings with objects he has found, such as drawings, texts and textiles. The found objects touch on the artist's everyday life and tell a personal story. His paintings are unconventional and spontaneous. They create associations with the spontaneity and colours of children's drawings, radiant with energy. Tal R himself describes his own works in these words: "The story is central. It doesn't have to be a complicated, intellectual story. I'm a suburban boy and often tell utterly banal, simple stories". The paintings do not give us the right answers or high ideals in terms of content. Tal R is in the young generation of painters who started their careers in the mid-1990s on the heels of a period of rumours of the demise of painting; these young painters are now hard at work reinventing the art.